"Crystal Ice 2008". 04 October 2008 photos.
Hockey Cup of 1 TV channel 2007 photos. Mountain skiing children school training photos. Oaks 2008 horse races in Moscow. 19 July 2008.
Evander Hollyfield - Sultan Ibragimov world championship fight. 13 October 2007 photos. East-West hockey match in Moscow. 13 November 2007 photos. Russia-Israel football match. Photo of fans in Moscow sport-bar 18 November 2007!
Nasibov flat races on Moscow race course. 03 September 2006 photos. World Cup climbing finals. 03 November 2006 photos. Combat Sambo World Championship. 16 December 2006 photos.
21 May 2006 Show Jumping Russia Cup - 2006 photos. 01 July 2006 Summer Russsian Polo Championship photos. Kerung in New Century equestrian center. 23 July 2006 photos.
11 February 2006 Imperia Snow Polo Cup - 2006 photos added! Swimming Russia Cup climbing competitions in Moscow 08-04-06
2-4 September 2005 CSI-W*** Moscow 18/09/2005 CSI-W** "Crystal Saddle" Moscow 28/01/2006 Master-class of Izabel Vert in Moscow
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