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Freelance photography is wonderful. Since it takes up much of my spare time and most of my spare money :), perhaps I could be considered a freelance photographer. I do know that this is a community to which I would like to belong.

I have put some of my photos here and if you find them interesting in any sense, please feel free to contact me. I'd appreciate it very much indeed!

Here are some more details about myself: biography

"On the yard's grass" first night in Mayakovskogo theater 24.11.2015.
"Cat of shame" first night in RAMT theater 24.11.2015.
"The Nameless Star" first night in Ermolovoy theater 10.11.2015.
"Man from a restorant" first night in Satiricon theater 19.10.2015.
"Suicide" first night in Ermolovoy theater 26.09.2015.

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